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 Academic Coaching/Transition Support


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15 Minute Complimentary Call/Zoom with Kelvin to ensure a great connection with the student and discuss

needs and challenges.


Monthly Academic Coaching/Transition Support Package:  ( $124.25 weekly) Total:$497.00 


                       (4) Private Academic Coaching Sessions


                       Kelvin's Email Access between sessions for Q&A (


                      Student Transition Plan Survey/1st Year College Plan Survey / Weekly Progress Reports/Goal Setting-Weekly Objectives

                      Academic Coaching Evaluation Form


                       (Inspirational Parent Support Talk with LaRita (Phone Chat or Zoom- 30 minutes)

                       We are not just impacting the lives of the students Kelvin works with, but the parents as well! 


Students can sign up for sessions on Monday - Friday at 5:30 pm, and 7:30pm

Professional Subject Tutoring (Math & Science): Middle ($80), High School ($90), College ($100)- per session


FIRST-TIME GUARANTEE- Kelvin stands by the Academic Coaching/Transition Planning/Tutoring he provides. If the student puts forth effort and focus and is 

not satisfied with the session or the connection is just not there, we will refund your money for the first session. 

One Day notice is required for all cancellations or schedule changes. If you cancel the day of the session you will be charged for the missed session.

Why should you choose Kelvin as your Academic Coach?

How I learn as an individual living with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (Formerly Asperger's Syndrome) directly impacts my teaching style. I make complex theories simple to understand. I break down material in a step by step process because this is how I learn effectively. I speak, write, draw, simplify, and engage.


This service is for you if you want to:

(1) receive coaching by a PhD level scholar who is on the Autism Spectrum and can personally relate to your child and help improve grades and test scores.

2) increase student development of study skills and logical thinking

(3) increase student ability to effectively communicate and self-advocate

(4) increase student ability to create a plan and follow-through.

(5) increase understanding of concepts, time management, prioritization, consistency

High School Students

First Year College Students


Schedule a Session

Kelvin will provide Academic Coaching and Transition Support online via Zoom.

What you will need:
1.    A computer with a webcam
2.    Internet Connection
3.    Please send worksheets, problems, questions, or other materials prior to the session at so I can prepare for you.
4.    We will use a digital whiteboard that has a shared screen for working on problems together, 



Kelvin and Larita Speaks
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