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Our story is compelling, inspirational, and keeps unfolding-FROM PRESCHOOL TO PhD!

Kelvin Smith , PhD and LaRita Smith, Autism Parent Advocate 

A mother and son team offering motivational Keynote Speaking, Guest Speaking, Panelist, Workshops or Webinars to share our journey with you in hopes of changing lives, give lessons in winning and offering skills that can be used to transform families with loved ones under the spectrum.


LaRita Smith: Autism Parent Advocate, Licensed Social Worker, Life Skills Trainer, Motivational Speaker, and her adult son Kelvin Smith, PhD: Autism Spectrum Disorder, and Former Jeopardy! Contestant presents a mother and son inspirational platform about life, living with Asperger’s Syndrome, finding purpose, and winning! We will educate, elevate, share strategies, vent frustrations, and celebrate wins.


At age 10, my son was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome which is an autism spectrum disorder. He passed his Thesis Defense in June 2022 and will graduate at Georgia Tech in the PhD Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Program in December 2022 and pursue his career as a Research Data Scientist. The journey has been rewarding and challenging and that is why we are teaming together to offer this motivational speaking platform.


This mother/son team offers Kelvin’s Academic Coaching, Autism Parent Support Program, and Inspirational Speaking services. Come join our journey, embrace differences, and win against all odds.


Kelvin and LaRita are available for presentations together or separately. Their powerful story with a theme of EMBRACING DIFFERENCES AND WINNING will be compelling to any audience.

We look forward to sharing with you because we LIVED IT!

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Kelvin and Larita Speaks
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