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Autism Spectrum Support Topics

  • The Diagnosis/What Now? (Education/Research/Autism Resources)

  • Mindset of the Family/Disclosing a Diagnosis (Masking/Unmasking)

  • Plan of Action/Focus on Strengths/hyper-focused gifts

  • Lack of Motivation vs Capacity

  • The Enabler

  • Self-Care 

  • Interests and Routines

  • Social Skills Groups

  • Social Cues/Friendships/Relationships

  • Teasing/Bullying

  • Anxiety/Difficulty expressing feelings

  • School-Related Problems (Academic/Social) 

  • Meltdowns/Sensory Issues

  • Self-Esteem/Confidence

  • Choosing a Career Path

  • Authenticity and Happiness 

  • Parent Role in Transition Planning from High School to College

  • Living with Autism/ Asperger’s Syndrome 

  • Career/Disclosing on the job/Inclusionlls

  • Strength-Based Parenting

  • Self Advocacy

  • Awareness vs Acceptance e

Kelvin and Larita Speaks
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